March 29, 2010

In The News feat. Grace Park

Student Panic As Wikipedia Goes Down – Wikipedia spent four hours down last Thursday morning when the servers in Europe overheated and the backup failed. I can only image that there was thousands of panicked students checking and rechecking the connection while asking for help finding Spain on a map.

More Genius From David Thorne – I would love to have this guy in the magazine but I am actually to afraid to contact him… David Thorne, the guy who brought you the seven legged spider, has got a new entry up and it’s a classic. Make sure you read this at work this morning because it will make you week!

Engadget Show 7 – If you have time, this is definitely something to watch! This episode features Nicholas Negroponte, PlayStation Move exclusive demos, Dr. Richard Marks, Joystiq’s Chris Grant and more. The guys do an amazing job on this – well worth checking out!

Complex’s TV Picks – These guys have got taste… Some of my favorite shows are here, others I need to look up.

And Finally – Hawaii 5-0 reboot actress Grace Park… This was a find by Rick so you can all thank him in the comments!

by Dave